Our Alcohol Inks Can Be Used With:

Fabric dying
Resin tinting
Jewelry making
& Many more surfaces

Fiercely Vibrant  Colors!

Our inks clean up with alcohol and have rewetting properties that make painting with them on any non-porous surface a delight. The artistic possibilities are endless. If painting, we recommend using our inks with an alcohol ink art paper or another non-porous surface so that your ink art can really shine. Try it on glass, stone, leather, ceramic, or even polymer clay.

What They Are Saying About Us

🎨 These inks are SUPER vibrant and based on how little they spread on their own, I can tell there’s a lot more pigment than alcohol 🙌 There’s also nearly no odor which is always a plus. Sammy Gorin


They are similar to Copic inks in their fluidity… I will definitely add this to my repertoire instead of buying more Copics… All in all, they were very pleasant to use… I definitely recommend, especially to those new to ink! Julie Olson


I’ve totally been loving these alcohol inks👌🌈 The colors are so vibrant and make my paper animal artwork POP in the resin! 🎉

I’ve been going through the blue shades like crazy and love the unique hues I can get with them individually, as well as mixed! 👍

Sharell Whipple


The T-Rex starter set comes with 11 jumbo bottles of color and a bottle of their clear blending solution. The packaging is ADORBS (I’m also a sucker for good branding) and I LOVE that the color names are on the caps so I can find them easily. Jamie Pomeranz


T-Rex Alcohol Ink Features



T-Rex Alcohol Inks make the perfect alcohol ink starter pack for alcohol ink painting, epoxy resin coloring, resin art & more!


Fiercely Vibrant

Our Alcohol Ink sets are highly saturated, water-resistant, acid free and Japanese dye-based for creating depth, layering & stunning effects!


33% Larger

Let your creativity flow! Our 20ml jumbo sized bottles provide 33% more Japanese dye based ink than other brands.


Easy To Use

Our bottles have precision applicators with anti-clogging tips and leak-resistant screw caps so you can have more control with less spills.

The Artistic Possibilities Are Endless!

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International Shipping Recommendations for T-Rex Customers

International Shipping Recommendations for T-Rex Customers

As a small newly started business we get asked a lot about international shipping. We love that people all over the world want to make T-Rex Inks part of their art supply collection. We have faced a few hurdles in getting into international markets that we are working...

Alcohol Ink vs India Ink? What’s the Difference?

Alcohol Ink vs India Ink? What’s the Difference?

That answer boils down to one simple thing… Do you have to shake it first? India Inks are a lot like that hot cocoa you just had, there is a lot of sediment at the bottom. Whereas alcohol inks are more like Gatorade, bright and not in need of shaking. How is Alcohol...